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  • BEST HIGH BOUNCE BALL WARRANTY: 50 DAYS NOT QUESTION ASKED. The smallest of our playground balls is here for you and your friends to play your favorite playground sports, sport training and school games. Kids love the crazy high bounce, durability, comfort, colors and the fun factor. The Koo Koo ball by Jack Attack has multiple uses for all skill sets and ages. Playground & Recess ball, Agility & Reaction Training and GYM cardio ball. Wholesale balls for summer bulk options.
  • SUMMER PLAYGROUND & RECESS BALL: Kids know the most fun time in school is lunch and recess break. The JACK ATTACK HIGH BOUNCE BALL makes recess even more fun. Keeping your kids active after a long day of sitting in school should be a priority. Increased Activity lowers the risk for obesity and high blood pressure. The Koo Koo Ball small size, bright colors, soft rubber and high bounce makes it a great choice for your playground ball.
  • AGILITY AND REACTION TRAINING: In order to become the best you have to train like the best athletes, through hard work and practice to reach the ultimate success. Increasing speed and reaction time to improve agility, hand to eye coordination and joint flexibility are key to becoming a successful athlete. The Koo Koo ball small size, soft grip, insane aerodynamics, bright colors are the perfect recipe to train.
  • GYM AND WORKOUT BALL: Cardio is an important factor in every workout. The Koo Koo ball crazy bounce, soft rubber, high bounce, bright colors and comfortable hand shape is perfect for a quick workout. Find a wall and some space and get ready to get the workout of your life. Catching this ball is where the magic is, trust that it is possible. Throw it closest to the wall for a real challenge and benefit even greater with your cardio results.
  • BOUNCE RATES AND DIFFICULT LEVELS FOR ALL TYPES: Jack Attack is manufactured with only street performance in mind. Athletes love them for their bright colors and different difficulty levels. The Koo Koo ball is 2.5”, weights 2 oz and is the smallest of our balls. The size is a little bigger than a golf ball with a difficulty level and bounce rate high to insane. In the case of the Xtreme ball the difficulty level and bounce rate is medium to high. For a lower and easier level try the Reaction 9
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