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  • JACK ATTACK HIGH BOUNCE BALLS: This is one of our best sellers products from the Street Ball Series. Kids love them for their crazy high bounce and durability. Parents love them because it helps develop hand eye coordination plus, agility and many more skills. This ball has a super bounce for intense Gym training, agility training, swerve ball throwing on the streets, park, training field with your friends or any outdoor fun activity.
  • LET THEM PLAY OUTSIDE: The high bounce balls from Jack Attack are the perfect accessory to play your favorite playground games. The reaction high bounce ball is great to play ball on the streets, call your friends and ask them to join you outside and get a break from the internet. Soft rubber protects hands and face from injury. The Xtreme Ball rigid holes allow for better grip and hand muscle development. This is a great toy for Boys Girls teens kids adults of all ages.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: The smallest of Our High Bounce balls are constructed with the same durable materials as our other premium products. Jack Attack Xtreme rubber balls are built with soft rubber to improve grip. Size is 3.5 inches and weights 4 oz. The small size and durability makes this summer ball for your kids a great toys or gift for the summer.
  • BOUNCE RATES AND DIFFICULT LEVELS FOR ALL TYPES: Jack Attack is manufactured with only street performance in mind. Athletes love them for their bright colors and different difficulty levels. The size is similar to a baseball, the difficulty level and bounce rate is medium to high. In the case of the Reaction 9 ball the difficulty level and bounce rate is low to medium. Finally, there is the Koo Koo ball with insane difficulty.
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